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Maintaining a healthy smile is a fundamental part of living your best life; it is also one of the best practices you can pass on to loved ones. We are committed to helping you gain optimal dental health and teaching you how to maintain that health for years to come. Reach out to us, we will be happy to hear from you!


Apex Dental Care was opened in 2005 by Dr. Jasminka Kopanja. Dr. Kopanja began Apex Dental Care with a belief that you should look out for the best interest of each patient, as if they were you own family. Her patient approach was not lost, even after 11 years in practice. 

We want to play a key role in helping our patients and their loved ones learn the tools they need to achieve better dental health, no matter what stage their dental health is in now. Our team is familiar, caring, and never gives up on a patient in need. 

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